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  • iRIS artificial grass angled

    Iris 35mm

    New for 2017. iRIS has deep lush green tones to create a luxurious look and inspiring space.

    £16.99 /m2 Quick View
  • IVY 25mm Artificial Grass

    iVY 25MM

    New for 2017. Ivy is soft to the touch with a high density of slim green blades giving a fantastic natural looking but durable lawn.

    £15.99 /m2 Quick View
  • Idol 38mm

    iDOL 38mm uses soft luscious rich green premium yarn for the ultimate natural feel and texture for your lawn.

    £19.99 £18.99 /m2 Quick View
  • Architect realistic artificial grass

    Architect 30mm

    A popular multi project item with rich green tones and yarn bulk. Pile Height: 30mm. Suitable for Lawns, play area’s, roof gardens, pool side and over decking

    £13.99 /m2 Quick View
  • iCON artificial grass angled

    Icon 30mm

    iCON 30mm is soft to the touch to give a natural feel and texture.

    £15.99 /m2 Quick View
  • iDENTITY artificial grass angled

    Identity 35mm

    iDENTITY 35mm is a deep rich green and has a v shape yarn for resilience, durability and realism. The brown root zone adds to the natural look and reinforces the green blades of grass.

    £15.99 /m2 Quick View
  • invictus-angled

    Invictus 30mm

    iNVICTUS 30mm is a popular product. A beautifully lush green lawn surface with our V blade Intelligence Yarn™ offering improved durability.

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  • Insignia 40mm

    SALE – SAVE OVER 10% OFF – Top of the range high density authentic lawn surface with an impressive 40mm yarn height.

    £18.99 £16.99 /m2 Quick View
  • iNSIGNIA angled

    Insignia 2.0 40mm

    NEW Insignia 2.0 is an upgraded version of our standard Insignia. It has a polyurethane (PU) backing which gives a longer lasting, superior performing lawn surface and the PU backing means it will reduce odours caused by pets.

    £19.99 /m2 Quick View
  • putting grass angled

    Putting Green

    High quality polymide golf putting surface. Bulk Discount available – please call us on 08000 884 339.

    £30.79 /m2 Quick View
  • Decking grass angle

    Decking Grass

    Looks just like decking but with none of the usual high maintenance. Transform ugly concrete or replace your tired, slippy decking today with this low slip alternative. Pile height: 10.5 mm

    £15.99 /m2 Quick View
  • Blue Fun Grass

    Fun Colours

    A high quality artificial grass in a selection of 6 different colours suitable for use as play area surfacing. Bulk Discount available.

    £17.99 /m2 Quick View
  • iMAGE angled

    Image 18mm

    For that clean cut lawn finish. Pile Height: 18mm. Suitable for patios, roof gardens, pool sides and over decking. Bulk discounts available – call us on 08000 884 339.

    £11.99 /m2 Quick View
  • Ibiza 26mm

    SALE – Get the holiday feeling at home with no mowing, no mud and no mess! Just kick back and relax in the sunshine admiring your modern state of the art lawn. Ibiza comes with a fresh coloured intelligence yarn mix and is suited for the contemporary garden. Pile Height: 26mm. Suitable for Lawns, play area’s and roof gardens. Bulk Discount available – please call us on 08000 884 339.

    £15.99 £13.99 /m2 Quick View