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  • PeeClenz artificial grass deodorizer


    The unique blend of enzymes in PeeClenz deodorizes dog and cat urine odours to get rid of those nasty pongs.

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  • Poopclenz artificial grass sanitizer


    PoopClenz is a powerful disinfectant specifically designed for use on synthetic lawns.

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  • Artificial Grass Jointing Nozzle

    Jointing Nozzle

    The professional joint nozzle and adaptor is the most efficient and cleanest way to complete a joint.

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  • iGRASS Weed membrane


    iGRASS requires a weed membrane landscape fabric underlay when installing over earth. This should be placed over the finished base to help prevent weeds.

    Sold in packs of 40 square metres (2mx20m).

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  • artificial grass underlay


    Our underlay provides a shock-pad layer on play spaces and aids drainage on roof gardens.

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  • Artificial Grass Edging


    Our 5m steel edging pack provides a perimeter edge for your artificial grass.

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  • Shockpad angle

    Shockpad 25mm

    25mm Shockpad is a high quality foam underlay that is used beneath an artificial grass surface on childrens play areas (with a critical fall height of 1.4m) or it can be used as protective underlay for roof gardens or patios as it also offers insulation and drainage properties, whilst allowing you to gain access to the original roof surface if needed.


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  • Artificial grass joint tape angled

    Joint Tape

    Joint Tape (10m length roll). A fibrous tape needed to joint two sections of synthetic turf.

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  • Artificial Grass Joining Glue

    Join Glue

    A professional landscape adhesive to complete iGRASS seams.

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