FUN artificial grass

Have some Fun with Artificial Grass

It is becoming normal practice for Schools and Nurseries to enhance learning by creating ‘outdoor classrooms’. Using artificial grass is a way to ensure that these areas can be used all year round with no mud or mess making its way back into the classroom. Green grass, coloured grass, roadways, hopscotch and number snakes are all ways to build an interactive space for children to thrive.

These specialist items are made with our hardwearing Fun Grass artificial grass using our automated CAD cutting machines which are some of the largest in Europe. Each kit is custom made to order and produced in large sections so installation is quick, easy and comes with minimal joins.

Our fantastic team are always on the phone to answer and questions regarding installs and we have a simple pricing scheme for our products, give us a call in the office to find out more.

Below is a link to our parent company, Evergreens UK, which shows some of the products installed in local Schools and Nurseries.

Next time you prepare a quote for an education setting why not suggest some of these items for their outdoor learning?

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