When it comes to deciding on whether the investment into installing artificial grass will be worth it we highlight the pros and cons of artificial grass versus real grass so that an informed comparison can be made on the final decision.


All weather good looks – whether the weather is exceptionally dry or wet this will have no impact on the appearance of the turf.

Low maintenance – it doesn’t need mowing, watering or feeding so you can spend more time enjoying the garden rather than tending to it. You don’t need to worry about weeds, moss, bare patches, scarifying or aerating.

People who are away from their home for long periods might want to consider installing artificial grass as it doesn’t require the same maintenance as a real lawn.

Looks like the real thing – The newest generation of artificial grasses look so real it is difficult to tell if it’s the real thing or not.

Pet friendly – no more muddy paws or holes being dug up in the lawn.

Child friendly – a lawn that can be used all year round.

Less costly – over its lifespan artificial grass can be a cheaper alternative to real turf as it doesn’t require a lawnmower or expensive fertilizers.

Ideal for sport surfaces – better than real turf which can get muddy and slippy in wet weather the weather will not stop play on artificial turf.

Drains better – in many cases artificial grass will drain much quicker than real turf.

Wide variety of choice – artificial grass comes in an array of different pile heights, colours and density.

Environmental issues – as the summers become warmer and drier this will put pressure on the water companies, so hosepipe restrictions and bans will be more common. A natural lawn will suffer from the drought and become patchy, but an artificial lawn will not be affected by these drier conditions.

Foot traffic – real lawns cannot deal with high levels of foot traffic whereas an artificial lawn can and is the preferred choice to use for golf surfaces because of that factor.

Shady areas – if you have a particularly shady area such as under trees or north facing areas artificial grass would be perfect to use where real turf would struggle to grow.


Environmental factors – The production of artificial grass can be bad for the environment and causes pollution and waste as it is not currently biodegradable.

Expensive – artificial grass can be expensive to install initially although over the long term it will pay for itself.

Cost of installation – hiring a professional to install the lawn can be expensive if this is a deal breaker then we have some DIY options which are more cost effective.



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